Wife allowed to make financial claims 18 years after divorce completed.

Did you handle your divorce yourself to save money? Although you have your decree absolute, have you obtained a Court Order to confirm the terms of a financial settlement?

Did you decide this was not necessary, because you and your spouse agreed not to claim anything from each other?

Did you reach agreement in mediation, so think there was no need to see a solicitor?

Do you realise that if your spouse changes his/her mind in the future, an application to the Court to make claims against any assets you have built up since the divorce is possible?

On 11th March 2015, the Supreme Court had to consider exactly this point.

When Ms Wyatt and Mr Vince got divorced neither of them had any money.
18 years later, after Mr Vince has built up substantial wealth, the Supreme Court has agreed that Ms Wyatt has the right to make claims against him.

The case highlights how important it is to obtain the advice of a solicitor at the time you separate, and to ensure that you obtain a Court Order which dismisses the right of your spouse to make claims against you.

If you have not yet done so, it is never too late to get advice and take action.
Why not arrange an appointment to see our matrimonial specialist, Jane Gale, to make sure that your position is properly protected?

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