Gingerbread Charity Highlights Failure of Child Support Agency to Collect Child Maintenance

November 2016         No: 1

The charity Gingerbread, which supports single parents, has called on MP’s to demand improvements to the child maintenance system. Millions of pounds of maintenance arrears have built up on child support agency cases.

The government is now closing the child support agency (CSA). All maintenance arrears on CSA cases are being transferred to the new child maintenance service (CMS).

Gingerbread has highlighted that as the CSA winds down, the agency is doing even less to collect the huge debts which have accrued. At the end of March 2016, over 153 million pounds in CSA arrears had been transferred to the CMS.

It is unclear how much effort the new CMS is making to collect the arrears. No government information has been published about what progress the CMS has made.

This failure is yet another blow to vulnerable parents on low incomes, who have already lost access to help from solicitors, due to the changes made to the legal aid system.

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