After a legal career of well over thirty-five years, Peter Roberts has now hung up his wig and gown for a life of well-earned retirement.

I first met Peter when we were keen, young, prosecutors in East Lancashire. This is long before local prosecution services were nationalised into the Crown Prosecution Service. In those days courts were busy, the police did not always have a high regard for the rules and life was hectic. I was impressed by the fact that, no matter how much pressure of work there was, Peter always left the office with a completely clear desk. Tidiness has been his hallmark not only in his office arrangements but in the precise, clear way he expressed his arguments in court. He remained like this for the rest of his career.

I will be taking up Peter’s forensic caseload and spending more time at Guild Lodge and the other forensic units. Meanwhile, Peter can spend more time at home in his garden and with his toolkit around the house. Oh lucky man.

John O’Donnell

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