August 2016          No: 1

The Personal Support Unit offers independent, free and confidential support on family and civil issues such as contact with children, divorce, eviction and money claims.

The organisation is a charity, based at Preston Combined Court and run by volunteers. It offers face to face appointments in Preston where volunteers can:-

  1. Listen, provide information and support.
  2. Help people to find out if they are eligible for free legal advice.
  3. Discuss settling issues without going to Court.
  4. Explain how the Court works.
  5. Help with filling in Court forms and organising Court papers.
  6. Help people plan what they want to say in Court.
  7. Provide details of other specialist agencies.

Click here for a link to their leaflet which gives full contact details and opening hours.

PSU cannot give legal advice, but offer a valuable support service, particularly for those who are not eligible for public funding (previously known as legal aid) or who cannot afford to instruct a solicitor to help them.

Congratulations to PSU who celebrate their first birthday in August this year.


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