lexcel_logoOur staff deserve a very healthy pat on the back for a wonderful year with excellent results. The first good news is we have been awarded the coveted LEXCEL QUALITY MARK. This is the only quality mark designed specifically for law firms and indicates high standards in management, excellent client service and minimising risks. The award recognises that we a consistently meet client expectations.

LEXCEL was awarded only after a rigorous inspection of our systems, staff knowledge, client care and business management and is subject to annual inspection to ensure standards are maintained. This award was possible only because of our first rate staff.

The other good news is that our year end trading figures show consistent growth. Using the Law Management Section (LMS) benchmarking survey we find that we have beaten both the national and regional growth rate for our size of practise. The benchmarking confirms that good management means we are not drawing more profit out of the business than we earn. We are living within our means so are not going to follow bigger local firms which have gone in to administration. We take very seriously our responsibility to manage our business in a way that does not put creditors at risk. This means not paying ourselves too much and keeping overheads low. For example advertising for law firms can be seen everywhere. We spend money on client service not glossy ads.

Our regular client surveys show consistently high satisfaction with our staff. They are well trained, professional and motivated. They are our great secret weapon.

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