We concentrate on mental health law, as underpinning all of our work.

It is the very centre of our firm and has provided the foundation for our further practice in areas associated with mental capacity.

Mental health law means representing clients at mental health tribunals and enforcing clients’ rights under the Mental Health Act 1983.

We know that we are seeing our clients at times when experience and expertise are crucial.

All of our mental health specialists are accredited by the Law Society as mental health tribunal representatives. They are Philippa Curran, Ruth Sagar and Tracey Tourish.

What this means for you is reassurance. We have met every known problem in mental health law and have the resources to deal with it.

We have prepared a simple guide to the Mental Health Act 1983 which you can read by clicking here.

Why choose odonnells?

We have a commitment and wealth of experience throughout our practice, which specialises in every aspect of mental health law. From detention in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983, to advising community patients, guardianship, and Court of Protection, we have dealt with most situations. Our specialism allows us to keep up to date with the rules, regulations and case law from Tribunals, the Court of Protection and the European Court.

Our deep understanding of the law and procedure across the whole range of mental health and capacity law can save a good deal of worry, money and time.


We can see clients in the office, hospitals, care homes, or own homes.