We concentrate on mental health law, not crime, commercial or conveyancing. We specialise.

All our fee earning staff are graduates. Five are accredited as specialists in mental health law by the Law Society. We employ fully qualified lawyers. That means solicitors although we do have to recruit and train new ones over time as we grow.

Our solicitors deliver training to other lawyers and mental health professionals. The DOLS mental capacity page on the Westlaw legal resource site was written by us.

What this means for you is reassurance. We have met every known problem in mental health law and have the resources to deal with it, personally: when you instruct us you get us, not an agent.

We have prepared a simple guide to the Mental Health Act 1983 which you can read by clicking here.

For more information, we have the following information sheets:

Deprivation of liberty and Conditional Discharge (19/01/2011)

Capacity, The Role of a Welfare Deputy and an Effective Remedy for Patients Detained Under the Mental Health Act – AMA v Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Trust and Others

[2015] 0036 UKUT (AAC) (February 2015)

SoS Justice v RB (2011) Court of Appeal (10/01/2012)

Article on liberty / RB v MoJ, Sol J (14/02/2012)

Why choose odonnells?

We offer a complete, joined-up service. From detention in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983, to advising community patients, Lasting Powers of Attorney, guardianship, and Court of Protection, we know most answers because we have dealt with them. Specialism allows us to keep up to date with the flood of rules, regulations and case law pouring out of Tribunals, the Court of Protection and the European Court.

Even if the only question relates to the choice of care home or whether someone can go on holiday, a deep understanding of the law and procedure across the whole spread of mental health and capacity can save a good deal of worry, money and time.


We can see clients in the office, hospitals, care homes, or own homes. In some mental health cases, evening and weekend appointments can be arranged.